The Safest Ways To Preserve Wine After Opening

After opening their wine, most people don’t usually know what to do to preserve them again. Wine is meant to be enjoyed anytime, and there is no specific rule that says that one must finish up one immediately after it has been opened.

You can take your time, especially if you are living alone, to enjoy your wine whenever you want to. When you have an opened wine, preserving it is one of the simplest things to do; it’s just that you haven’t had the right knowledge about this process.

Below are some of the ways you can preserve wine without it any risk of going sour within the allowed period:

1. Use wine coolers:

Refrigerating opened wine is one of the things that comes to people’s minds, but they don’t usually do it the right way. Wine coolers are the best way to refrigerate your wine instead of using the normal fridge.

Wines are meant to be enjoyed at best possible temperature, and storing them at the temperature they don’t accept can lead to losing their flavors and other things. But when you store them at the best wine room temperature, it gives them a more delicious taste when drinking it.

2. Re-cork it

Yes, you saw the right thing! You can easily preserve your wine by re-corking it in the right way. When you want to Re-cork a wine, don’t be tempted to use the clean side you have; rather, use the side that has already been touching the wine before you opened it. This is so because it will prevent the wine from getting a slight taste added to it from the clean side, and the clean side might not be as clean as you think.

3. Use half bottles:

When you preserve an opened wine, the best bottle to put such wine is inside a half bottle. This is so because air is not the best of friends with wine, and maximum exposure to them can flatten the taste of the wine, which you don’t want.

When you use a half bottle, there might still be some air inside, but it will be very minimal compared to making use of a full bottle that allows more space.

4. Be Conservative:

The best way to go about storing opened wines is to know if you are going to finish a wine or not. Some people outrightly open two bottles of wine even when they know that they won’t be able to finish the two of them. When you are conservative, it will help you save your money and bottles of open wine too.


Sometimes we are left with opened wine either by mistake or try to drink more wine than was necessary. Whether by mistake or not, using wine coolers, re-corking your wine, using half bottles, and learning to be conservative can help you from always discarding open wines.