A Failproof Guide to the Perfect Wine Storage Solution

As an avid wine collector, you might become interested in the benefits of proper wine storage at some stage, as the preservation of your perfect wine bottle collection should be of utmost importance to you as a connoisseur; therefore, you should investigate the options available for wine storage in the forms of wine refrigerators or coolers. However, as there is a wide variety available in this market such as sizes and shapes, for example, the 400mm wine cooler, and the under-counter solution, to name just one of many availabilities, you should feel comfortable in knowing that the wine cooler would properly maintain your collection for storing wine, cooled, preserved and aged, depending on your taste in wine, whether it be red or white wine. Luckily, there are several manufacturers, such as Bodega43. They specialize in making this high-tech equipment, especially for preserving wine in the right atmosphere when considering the temperature, vibration levels, and humidity. Therefore, feel assured that when you acquire such a cooler or refrigerator, the wine cooler should take care of everything concerning your wine.

The 400mm under-the-counter version

When looking at wine coolers or refrigerators, several different types are available on the market. Therefore, deciding which would best suit your needs as a wine collector might initially feel overwhelming. Nonetheless, manufacturers of such devices and specialized outlets have started to incorporate these items in their product lines to ensure that choosing the best one to suit your requirements would be exceeded your expectations. So, by starting with the 400mm under-the-counter wine cooler, there is no misunderstanding regarding this unit’s capabilities as it hosts all the features needed and mimics the same environment offered by a proper wine storage cellar or room. Thus, this 400 mm-sized unit usually comes in the version of an under-the-counter object that you can incorporate within any kitchen cabinet or underneath existing cabinetry in the kitchen or bar, where ever you might have space for it. Finally, in conclusion, the capacity of this cooler is up to 16-40 wine coolers if appropriately placed in wine racks on their sides, as advised by many wine experts.

The environment of a wine cooler

Wine coolers have been manufactured in such a way that they form the same environment needed compared to a wine cellar, as having a proper basement in your house might not be a reality as space might be of concern. And this is the essential and most important aspect of having a wine cooler in your home. Furthermore, the perfect environment consists of the ideal humidity level of the optimal 70%, a temperature of 7-18 degrees Celcius, and vibration levels at a low, which can form sediment formation in wine bottles, detrimental to the taste of the wine itself. In addition, there is the factor of a glass door equipped to handle the aspect of keeping UV rays out of reach of the unit, as exposure to a long duration of exposure can lead to the wine overheating and starting to boil, destroying the very essence of the wine itself.

Types of wine coolers

When talking about wine coolers, your imagination can take flight as it cannot be limited to one type of unit; for example, there are the 400mm one discussed previously, as well as freestanding versions with slimmer and taller shapes and sizes. However, with all of them, there is a guarantee that they will not let you down by keeping your wine coolers in a safe and enclosed environment. So, let go of the aspect and, in the sense of the word, by sitting back and letting the wine cooler do its job, and that is to preserve your collections.